How to Pack for a Move

How to Pack for a Move

It is said that moving is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. Trying to somehow get all the belongings you have collected over the years into a condition where you can transport them to a new location is a task that few look forward to. As with many unpleasant tasks, however, preparation is the key. If you take a systematic approach, the process can go much more smoothly than you might imagine.

Here then, are some tips and tricks for how to pack before a move.

Packing to Move: Where to Start?

The first thing you will need is boxes to pack your things. While there are plenty of places to buy boxes, you can also often get them for free by looking outside retail stores, grocery stores and similar commercial outlets. Next, you’ll want to get padding so that you can pack your things safely, and they do not get damaged during transit. Padding can include bubble wrap, newspaper, even blankets and old clothes. Finally, you’ll need tape to secure the padding and to keep the boxes closed during transport.

The next step will be to do an inventory of all the items you will be moving. You might want to write each piece down on a list, so you know exactly what you have. This will also be a good time to do a little decluttering, too — throw out, recycle or donate the things you don’t really need anymore. After all, the less you have to move, the better.

Once you have your inventory, start packing. Pack like items together, heavier items first. One or two boxes should contain essentials you know you will need right away, like toothbrushes, medications and the clothes you wear regularly. Know where those boxes are at all times.

Be sure to label each box with the type of items that are in it. It can also be helpful to add a numeric code to the box and write that code next to the corresponding items on your inventory list. Continue packing in this way until all items are accounted for.

Additional Tips for Packing Before a Move

Here are some other tips to consider for packing up various rooms in your home:

  • Laundry Room – Use as much of your detergent, bleach and other cleaners as you can before you go. Throw the rest away. Store washer and dryer hoses inside the machines and tape the cords to the back.
  • Bedroom – Disassemble your bed and put any hardware in a plastic bag. Duct tape it to the headboard. If you have any mirrors or other items that can be damaged easily, cover them with blankets. 
  • Living Room – Roll up rugs and wrap them in plastic. Remove bulbs and lampshades from lamps and store them separately with lots of padding. When packing books, DVDs or CDs, do not pack them all the way to the top of the box, as they can get heavy quickly.
  • Kitchen – Stop refilling the refrigerator about two weeks before the move so you can empty it out. Defrost no later than 48 hours before moving.

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