6 Things to Know Before You Move Apartments

For many people, moving into a new apartment is a big deal. You must take care of every small detail to ensure you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Moving into a new apartment can impact your life in many ways, from your lifestyle to your career and even your friends. Moving should be a decision you make only after due consideration.

There are several factors you should consider before making the transition. Here are six essential things you need to know before moving into a new apartment.

  1. The Cost of Living in the New Area

One of the most important factors to consider when moving apartments is the cost of living in the new place. If your decision to move is prompted by a rise in your income, you may feel confident you can afford higher rent, but what about the other things you will need to pay for in your new neighborhood? You can learn something about what to expect for area living expenses based on the cost of an apartment in, say, Hayward, California, versus another part of the Bay area.

  1. Safety of the Neighborhood

You want to be sure of the state of security in the area you’ll be moving to. If the locality has a negative record when it comes to security, then there’s a high possibility you won’t be safe in the new area. A good way to assess the security of a neighborhood is to do a simple Google search with keywords such as “killings, police and disturbance.” This will help you avoid moving into an unsafe neighborhood.

  1. Accessibility of Good Schools for Your Children

If you have school-age kids, you may want to make sure they get access to good schools. Aside from considering the cost of transporting them to and from school, you should also weigh the standards of the school around your new residence. While more expensive places can have better schools, with proper research you can find great schools in average-priced neighborhoods.

  1. How the Move Will Affect Your Life

Moving into a new apartment can have a big impact on your life. For this reason, it’s important to gauge how you feel about making the transition.

  1. What Utilities Are Included With Rent

Having the best utilities is awesome. Water, electric, internet and gas are the defining utilities when moving into a new apartment, so do your due diligence and ask what is included in the rent and what you will need to line up on your own.

  1. The Length of the Commute

Is a cheap apartment far from work more appealing than an expensive one that’s close? You make the decision.

Here’s the Big Takeaway

Moving into a new apartment in the East Bay can be quite challenging. However, with Marcotte Properties, you can schedule a tour and learn more about various properties with the assistance of our agents. Contact us via phone at 800-538-1724 or through our website’s contact page today.

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