Oakland, California, attracts people of all ages thanks to the area’s cuisine, wineries, sporting arenas and museums. Living within proximity to this city assures a busy lifestyle in which residents can immerse themselves in indoor and outdoor experiences. From professional opportunities to leisure activities, Oakland is a popular place for anyone looking for fun with friends and family.

Are you starting a new job or looking to settle on the east side of the San Francisco Bay Area? Marcotte Properties is your source for apartments for rent near Oakland, California. We’re known for our top-notch amenities, outstanding monthly rates and unmatched service. With single- and double-bedroom floor plans in Hayward, we connect you to living spaces that are up to date and within your budget.

Why Rent From Marcotte Properties?

Marcotte Properties gives you access to spacious apartments at reasonable prices. When you work with our apartment rental company outside of Oakland, you become part of our community. Our property managers and maintenance employees go to great lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied with your apartment from the moment you step inside.

It’s our goal to make moving to the Oakland area seamless. The apartment units we rent come equipped with energy-efficient appliances, private balconies and community rooms for entertainment. Renters flock to Marcotte Properties to live in our world-class apartments for a fraction of what it would cost to rent or own within the city of Oakland.

Our rentals include: 

  • Heating systems.
  • An oven, stove and refrigerator.
  • A garbage disposal.
  • One to two bathrooms.
  • Reserved parking.
  • Pool access.
  • Community courtyards.

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The Convenience of Apartments Near Oakland, California

While the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area can be high, you can get all the benefits Oakland offers without living in the city. Marcotte Properties has apartment units in Hayward that are less than 25 minutes away from your target destination.

Put aside extra funds each month, thanks to our manageable monthly rates. You and your family can shop at grocery stores, retailers and shops without having to deal with pricing increases. You can also travel to Oakland, San Jose, Palo Alto and beyond by living in one of our convenient locations.

Our Apartments Are Great for Commuters

Marcotte Properties can show you apartment options near Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations — coordinate routes that take you anywhere from Oakland International Airport to the city center. Explore that career opportunity you’ve always wanted in Oakland, and forget about road noise and street parking from your apartment in Hayward.

Our professionals have been working out of the San Francisco Bay Area for decades, so be sure to ask us about BART train stops.

Tour One of Our Apartments Outside Oakland, California, Today

Marcotte Properties treats all our residents like family. When you rent one of our apartments, you benefit from an authentic community, high-quality amenities and a team willing to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. If you’re interested in renting an apartment near Oakland, request a tour with one of our staff members today.

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