Top 7 Things to Do in the Bay Area

Mural at At San Francisco's Clarion Alley

Top 7 Things to Do in the Bay Area

For all the talk of its grand adventures, the Bay Area is truly a paradise of bliss for exploratory locals and tourists alike. Crammed with spectacular restaurants, artisanal shops, outstanding museums, sidewalk cafes, pocket gardens and eclectic shops, you will find plenty to love about the Bay Area. With so much to see, it becomes extremely hard to handpick just a few spots.

But while there are endless things to do in the Bay Area, making it to these top seven places is nothing short of a fairy-tale knockout.

  1. Bay Area Discovery Museum

Strategically positioned at the base of Golden Gate Bridge, this museum offers awe-inspiring views for children under eight. Kids can hang out at the Lookout Cove that contains tidal pools, a re-created shipwreck and scaled-down ocean coves. They can also fish at the indoor wharf or act as marine biologists in the Wave Workshop.

Children dress up in animal costumes and creep through tiny tunnels. As one of the best museums for kids in the Bay Area, the Discovery Museum never fails to thrill.

  1. 4th Street

4th Street has evolved from light industrial buildings to an upscale entertainment and shopping district.

This rapidly growing area is busiest on weekend afternoons. Builders Booksource and Apple are among shoppers’ favorites. A walk through this street, where turtles swim, mice cower and snakes slither, is more thrilling than a walk through the reptile zoo. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

  1. Enjoy Cocktails at the Redwood Room

Found inside the Clift Hotel, the Redwood Room will make you feel like a high-roller even when you aren’t. The paintings in the bar have eyes. They even breathe and move. So, while you’re sipping your favorite cocktail, all eyes could be watching your every move.

  1. Clarion Alley and Sycamore

Warmly known as “The Hidden Mural Utopia,” this blend of incredible art has been trending since 1992. If you are early, you might even get to see artists standing beside their drawings. To make the trip more complete, walk through the stylish shops in the Mission District and then sit down for a sumptuous serving of food at the Sycamore.

  1. Half Moon and Pumpkin Festival

The city comes to life and traffic to a halt on the third weekend of October, when more than 200,000 people gather to celebrate the Half Moon and Pumpkin Festival. Things to do include pie-eating competitions, weighing giant pumpkins and parading the night away.

  1. Gourmet Ghetto

The overwhelming success of the Chez Panisse restaurant appealed to other food-related businesses and the area near Shattuck and Vine Street transformed into the famous Gourmet Ghetto. Foodies will enjoy spending a couple of hours in this area visiting food shops, grabbing quick bites or indulging in delicious meals at the many excellent eateries.

  1. Epicurious Garden

Your senses will instantly pep up as you go into this swish market that has everything from perfect gelato to sushi. Just outside, you’ll find a beautifully terraced garden — the only place to relax — that winds up four levels and leads you to the Imperial Tea Court.

No matter your age, these activities will fill your Bay Area vacation with endless hours of fun. Create some great memories while exploring the beautiful sceneries in this paradise. If you’re hoping to relocate to the Bay Area to take advantage of these fun adventures all year round, call Marcotte Properties at (510) 887-7581 or contact us through our website today!

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