The Most Affordable Neighborhoods for Young Families in the Bay Area

Berry Tree Apartments - Pool Area and Tables

Finding affordable neighborhoods for families in the Bay Area can be a challenge. The region is famous for limiting construction. Although many people want to live in this iconic part of California, rents have gone up considerably, especially with Silicon Valley nearby. The high average wages in the region also keep housing costs up.

Apartments for young families in the Bay Area may need two or three bedrooms. Proximity to good schools and activities for kids are also considerations. Fortunately, there are some great neighborhoods for families in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Neighborhoods for Families

If you have a young family, you will want to consider these neighborhoods:

West Menlo Park

This suburb of San Jose has excellent schools and a suburban feel with coffee shops and parks. There is diversity in the area, as well as many other families. It is possible to find two-bedroom apartments in the $3,000 range.


This city is in Alameda County, in the East Bay region. The town has well-regarded schools and is close to Alameda Creek Regional Trail, colleges, Quarry Lakes Recreational Area, stores, Don Castro Recreational Area, gyms, coffee shops and Sulfur Creek Nature Center. Marcotte Properties’ Berry Tree Apartments are located in Hayward, with two-bedroom and one bathroom rentals with family-friendly amenities. Redwoods Apartments are also located in Hayward and also offer many amenities in an affordable, safe and pleasant place to live.

Monte Sereno

This suburb of San Jose is considered quite safe and family-friendly, with a well-ranked school system. The area has a rural feel, with parks and coffee shops. In addition to families, seniors also make up a significant number of residents. While most locals own their homes, two-bedroom rentals are available for about $3,000.


Famous as the site of Apple’s headquarters, the Cupertino Union School District gets outstanding rankings for its public school system. Families in the area can also enjoy the Rancho San Antonio County Park, the Flint Center for Performing Arts and the Fujitsu Planetarium, among other attractions. The area also has lower crime statistics than the national average. It is possible to find rentals in this area for about $3,000 for a two-bedroom.

San Pablo

This diverse area has access to BART transportation and is close to Richmond. Rents in this area are in the $2,000s for a two-bedroom, making it affordable for families.

San Ramon

This safe area is home to Las Trampas Regional Wilderness and Forest Home Park Historic Park, which offers many children’s activities at no cost. It is possible to find a two-bedroom rental in this area for $2,500+.

Find Apartments for Young Families in the Bay Area With Marcotte Properties

If you have a young family in the Bay Area, you don’t just want an affordable home so you can afford a great life for your family. You also want a place you can call home. Marcotte Properties offers affordable, professionally-managed apartments with amenities such as picnic tables, swimming pools and other features everyone in your family is sure to appreciate. Contact us today to find out more about what we can offer.


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