Popular Bay Area Towns You Can Actually Afford

The San Francisco, CA, Bay Area is famous for its stunning architecture, shops, unique culture, cable cars, and of course, proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge. It has become one of the most in-demand spots for people to live and work, but some residents wonder where they can find affordable Bay Area towns in the region.

There are a few reasons why the costs of living in the Bay Area are high. Many jobs in the region tend to pay higher-than-average salaries and the area also limits construction, which can mean demand outpaces supply.

There is good news, though. The Bay Area is actually more affordable than many major urban areas when the average local wage is factored in. While prices may seem high, they are also in pace with incomes for the region. There are also some more affordable options.

Are There Neighborhoods in the Bay Area I Can Afford?

There are affordable apartments in the Bay Area if you know where to look. Some popular towns in the Bay Area to live and work include:

Solano County

This county is one of the most affordable regions in the area, with median-priced homes of $445,000 and rents to match. You need a salary of about $89,900 to afford a home here, and less than that to rent.

The Mission-Garin

This neighborhood at the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay is another option for affordability. BART stations and major highways make commuting relatively easy. Marcotte Properties’ Bart Plaza Apartments are located in this area, which includes one-bedroom apartments with many amenities.

Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset is a more affordable area in San Francisco. This neighborhood has many families and Asian-American residents. Close to the ocean, it’s home to many surfers, students and restaurants. While a car is useful here, Outer Sunset is on the Muni route. Charming townhomes and duplexes make up much of the area.

Bernal Heights

This very walkable area in San Francisco has rents hovering around $2,000-2,100. With sweeping Victorian homes, artists frequently flock to this area. The neighborhood is family-friendly and has shopping nearby.


Excelsior is a quiet residential area with plenty of ethnic diversity. Historically an Italian neighborhood, it’s now home to many languages. Muni buses and BART stations allow for easy commutes, and the local community organizations ensure neighborliness and low crime rates.


This area is famous for its music and arts scene. It is also a good spot for rentals since prices have not increased as rapidly in this neighborhood as in other parts of the Bay Area. Another perk of living here is that Haight Street is in your neighborhood, offering everything from shops to cafes and restaurants.


Tenderloin is a space where rents can be in the low $2,000s for a one-bedroom. This area is also home to the Great American Music Hall and coffee shops.

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