Average Salaries of Tech Workers in Silicon Valley

Average Salaries of Silicon Valley’s Tech Workers

If you plan to pursue a tech job in San Francisco, you’re likely interested in Silicon Valley tech salaries. In recent years, tech industry salaries have been rising for the most in-demand positions. Although the cost of living in the Bay Area is quite high, the average salary of a Silicon Valley tech worker is six figures.

Here’s a breakdown of the average annual salary in Silicon Valley based on recent surveys by Indeed.com.

1. Data Warehouse Architect

This job requires management and implementation of data standards and procedures, along with the designing of data models and databases. It also involves the distribution of data management practices and information management.

Data warehouse architects may supervise other employees on the IT team. Team management skills are essential and the average salary is $169,836.

2. Principal Software Engineer

This job involves design, development, integration, testing and deployment of software. Principal software engineers execute the product specifications, as well as ensure proper system design and system integration. They also develop fresh concepts for products while designing and developing prototypes for new products. The average salary is $160,326.

3. Principal Java Developer

This job is ideal for someone who loves writing code and building great applications. Principal Java developers perform a variety of functions, including analyzing, designing, coding, debugging and modifying software. They also create documentation and spell out procedures for installation and maintenance. The average salary is $156,402.

4. Senior Software Architect

A senior software architect designs and develops applications and software systems. They function as high-level decision-makers during the development process. They also make design choices and select technical standards, including coding standards and platforms. The average annual salary in Silicon Valley is $154,944.

5. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are highly skilled programmers who develop artificial intelligence platforms. They create systems and develop machines that learn like humans and use knowledge without any human direction. Self-driving cars, autopilot jets and spacecraft have systems that are built by machine learning engineers. These professionals earn an average salary of $149,519

6. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers handle a wide variety of tasks related to cloud computing, including designing, planning, managing, maintaining and supporting cloud services and infrastructure. Cloud engineers are mostly hired by companies that want to deploy cloud services. They earn an average salary of $146,277.

7. JavaScript Developer

Front-end developers are in high demand in Silicon Valley, and JavaScript developers usually top the list of developers in this category. JavaScript developers implement front-end logic that specifies the behavior of all the visual elements (text, buttons, boxes, etc.) and response to user actions in a web application. They work together with web developers that handle the server-side application logic. They’re currently paid an average annual salary of $142,185.

Other positions included in the top 20 tech jobs with annual salaries by Indeed.com include product development engineer ($173,570), director of product management ($173,556), devops manager ($166,448), senior architect ($161,124), senior solutions architect ($158,329), platform engineer ($154,739), and senior SQL developer ($154,161).

Those are the average salaries of tech workers in Silicon Valley. Due to the high cost of living in this area, many tech workers complain about low amounts of disposable income. As a result, some have taken to living in their cars in the parking lots of big tech companies like Google so they can save money. At Marcotte Properties, we help those who are planning to move here find comfortable and affordable housing in areas near Silicon Valley. For more details, contact us online or call 800-538-1724 today.

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